Baptisms at CCG

Christ Church Gleadless and St Peter’s Basegreen


Thank you for considering the possibility of your child being baptised into the Christian faith.

We think that baptism is so important that we would like you to take a little while thinking about its meaning.


Here are some frequently asked questions:-


What is baptism?

It is a ceremony which Jesus began for people who wanted to become his followers. Baptism (or christening as it is often called) is still available for those who want to follow Jesus. The motivation for baptism should be to want your child to grow up in the Christian faith as a full member of His church.


Does it matter where we live?

Yes! It is the policy of the Diocese of Sheffield that baptism should take place in the church of the parish in which you live, unless the family are members of another church.


If you live in another parish, you should have your child baptised at the parish church. In exceptional circumstances the clergy of your parish may give their permission for your child to be baptised elsewhere but this is for the parents to arrange.


To find your parish church visit and enter your postal code in the Parish Finder.

The parish which appears at the top of the list in the right hand side column is your parish church.


When are baptism services held?

Baptisms are held in our Sunday services on particular dates in the year which will be confirmed with you when you are ready to book. There are often two baptisms but no more held on the same day. You are asked to invite no more than 45 guests because of the size of the churches.


What does it cost?

The service of baptism is free. However there will be a collection if anyone would like to contribute to the upkeep of our churches.


What does the baptism service involve?

Baptisms are held within our Sunday services.


During the baptism, parents and godparents will be invited to stand at the front of church and make promises stating that they will help their child to grow up in the Christian faith as part of the church family.


This part of the service is as follows;

Minister says:

Parents and godparents, the Church receives child’s name with joy, Today we are entrusting God for his/her growth in faith. Will you pray for him/her, draw him/her by your example into the community of faith and walk with him/her in the way of Christ?


Parents and godparents respond:

With the help of God we will



In baptism child’s name begin his /her journey in faith. You speak for him/her today.

Will you care for him/her, and help him/her to take their place within the life and worship of Christ’s Church?


Parents and godparents:

With the help of God we will



In baptism, God calls us out of darkness into His marvellous light.

To follow Christ means dying to sin andrising to new life with Him.

Therefore I ask: Do you turn to Christ?


Parents and godparents:

I turn to Christ



Do you repent of your sins?


Parents and godparents:

I repent of my sins



Do you renounce evil?


Parents and godparents:

I renounce evil




What is the role of godparents?


Godparents are chosen to support your child in their journey of faith and to help you bring them up to know and to love God. Godparents should be over 16 years of age and baptised. It is recommended that you choose 3 or 4 godparents. Two godparents should be the same sex as your child and one of the opposite sex. A fourth, if required, can be of either sex


What is the next step?


If you live in the parish then the next step would be for you, as a family, to attend church regularly for a period of three months. Our service times can be found on this website. Please introduce yourself to the person/s welcoming you and handing out the hymn books, and also to the vicar (or person leading the service) after the service has ended.


After 3 months?

After attending church for three months, if you would like your child to be baptised into the family of the church, then please contact us with your name, address and telephone number. We will need to talk through the next stages and book a date for your child’s baptism.


Abigail Ballin

07809 876 717



PLEASE NOTE: We do not book dates for baptisms before the introductory 3 months.



Older Children and Adult Baptisms

If you would like further information about baptism for older children, teenagers or adults, please make contact using the details above.