Weddings at CCG


Weddings at Christ Church Gleadless or St Peter’s Basegreen.


If you live in the parish of Gleadless or have a connection with one of our churches

and would like to book a wedding,

please read the following guidelines and then make contact to arrange a home visit.

Beryl Bates:


Where do you live?

In order to be married at Christ Church Gleadless or St Peter’s Basegreen one of you

must live in the parish or have a significant connection with it (please get in touch with me to find out more). To check if you live

in the parish of Gleadless please visit Enter your post code and a list of churches will appear in the right hand column.

The top one, in red, will be your parish church.


Wedding Banns

Your names have to be read out on three occasions to establish that there is no legal reason why you should not get married, which is

called Banns of Marriage. They are read at our Sunday service on the first three Sundays, usually two months before the wedding date.

You are encouraged to attend at least one of these services.

If you live outside the parish of Gleadless, then banns must also be read at your local Church of England parish church. You will need to

pay the fee of £51 and collect the certificate after they have been read. The person conducting your wedding needs to have received

the certificate before your wedding can take place, generally at the rehearsal.


Fees (2023)

The fee for a wedding in 2023 is £671

This includes the booking fee and administration, use of the church, the service, registration, minister, verger, organist, wedding certificate

and the reading of your banns at Gleadless.

A deposit of £100 is required in order for the wedding to be booked. The remaining balance is due at least one month before the wedding date.


Planning your service

The more you can make your service personal the better! There are large parts which you will have to include for legal reasons, but this

still gives plenty of scope for creativity.



There is usually a short Bible reading in the service which you may like to choose or we can advise you on suitable pieces of scripture to use.

The vicar will read this unless you prefer a friend or relative to read. Please let the vicar know your preference at the rehearsal.


Hymns and Music

You may like to choose one or two hymns yourself or we can advise you on suitable hymns.

We may have an organist who will play at the service unless you have your own musician or prefer CDs at any stage in the ceremony.





Your photographer may take photos in the service as long as these are taken discreetly without flash and do not disturb the ceremony.





You will need two witnesses to sign the registers on your wedding day. They need to be over sixteen years old. This could be the

best man and chief bridesmaid, or anyone else.





There are usually some flowers in church but if you choose to provide your own then you will need to arrange access to the church.




The Rehearsal

The person who will be conducting your wedding will contact you to arrange a rehearsal which normally takes place approximately a week before the wedding




Please contact: