Christenings at Christ Church Hackenthorpe

Christenings at Christ Church Hackenthorpe  

At Christ Church Hackenthorpe we welcome all enquiries about christenings whether for an infant, older child, or an adult. For those who do come forward with an enquiry we want to help parents, godparents and any children old enough to do so, to be well prepared by having thought through the christening ceremony and the part baptism plays within the ceremony. 

Where to Start?

The best place to start is to view the Church of Englands specially designed pages on christenings which can be found by following the link below. On these pages you will find all kinds of information and answers to questions you may have. We suggest looking at them with any who will be taking an active part in the ceremony, especially parents or godparents. 





Getting to know you

We do ask that those bringing children for christening attend a service at least once a month in the three month period before the christening. This offers the opportunity for you to meet with some of the members of the congregation, and for you and your child to become familiar with the church.

 Another thing to note - which is my local parish church?

It is the policy of the Diocese of Sheffield that christenings should take place in the church of the parish in which you live. However if you discover you do not live in parish of your chosen church it is still possible with the agreement of the ministers at both churches that you may be able to have the christening at the church you had hoped. This is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of both ministers who will probably want to know the reasoning behind your choice. Valid reasons are usually because of family or historical connections to the church of your choice. 

To find your parish churches visit and enter your postal code in the Parish Finder. The parish which appears at the top of the list in the right hand side column is your parish church.