Woodhouse Mill Mission Church

Woodhouse Mill is an area over a mile away from the parish church.  The area has always cherished individuality which together with an increasing population in the latter part of the nineteenth century made some kind of seperate provision necessary.  The building was completed in a remarkably short time, in fact the space of a few months, and was opened on 4th October 1892.

It seated about 100 people and served a dual role of both hall and church.  It was used by cubs, brownies and a widow’s group and one time even for dog training classes.  Strangly it never had a dedication of its own and was always known as St James Mission chapel.  Baptisms and funerals were regular services at the chapel but it was never licensed for marriage services.

Due to a declining congregation and costs of running the chapel it was eventually closed in the 1990’s but the communion table, pews and furniture are now in use in the side chapel at St James church as well as the bell, which can still be rung inside the church.